The philosopher Eli Siegel believed that all children are equally capable of learning regardless of ethnic background or social class, stated: “The purpose of all education is to like the world through knowing it.

Teaching Background.


For the past fifty years in Europe and the United States, different pedagogical methods have been created, utilized and renewed for the advancement of education through primary school, high school and university studies. These distinct approaches to education and knowledge transfer have evolved in accordance with the development of society, which has resulted in an increased demand for science and literature.

This constant evolution of education, as well as my own learning experience around the world has inspired me to develop my own vision of education based on training methods I have experienced and assimilated.

In fact, my experience has been guided by dedicated, effective and passionate mentors, who helped me navigate the murky waters of science to overcome some of its challenges. These experiences tailored my personal growth to explore new territories through independent scholarship. Because I have been incredibly fortunate to have had my scientific travels in chemical synthesis chartered by a number of individuals, I believe as a teacher-scholar I will have the opportunity to similarly guide the voyages of discovery for the next generation of students.

Teaching Philosophy.

Courses as well as text books should be considered as tools for the student to think about, but not a requirement of learning. I consider that a graduate institution should provide young adults with not only the opportunity to learn, but also to think beyond science (“outside the box”).

In upper level courses that contain a high proportion of science majors, I will strive to build upon existing knowledge rather than emphasize plain memorization or pattern recognition of fundamental concepts. In this respect, I should be able to provide a tool box containing the basic reactivity needed to understand any chemical transformation and focus on the comprehension and creativity required in solving more challenging problems.

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