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Prof. Andrew Myers (Courses)

Prof. Reich (Courses and NMR and more…)

Prof. David Evans (Courses Harvard/Group Meetings)

Prof. Phil Baran (Group Meetings)


Prof. Takeda and Sasaki (updated Highlights from Literature)

Prof. Dirk Trauner (Food for Thoughts)

Prof. Johann Mulzer (Food for Thoughts)

Prof. Armen Zakarian (Tips)

Prof. Alison Frontier (Tips)

Prof. Richmond Sarpong (Tips)


Professors in The U.S.

Simple Huckel Molecular Orbital Theory Calculator

IUPAC Nomenclature

Search Engine Google Scholar

Web Reactions

Nottingham University Chemistry Online (Periodic Table Videos)

Organic Chemistry Portal (Named Reactions)

Nucleophile/Electrophyle Database

Organomettallic Chemistry

pH Tutorial

Technical Library from Sigma-Aldrich

Normality and Molarity Calculator from Sigma-Aldrich

Molecular Sieves properties from Sigma-Aldrich

Pressure-temperature monograph for vacuum distillation

Growing crystals from UF

Protecting groups for peptides

Amino acid ligation reagents from Sigma-Aldrich

Optical rotation calculator

Mass Spec calculator

Spectral Database (SBDS)

Edit and Simulate NMRs

NMRs Parameters from UCSD

MSDS Look Up

Reference Finder

Supported Reagents

Blogs around the web:

Totally Synthetic Blog (Keep Connected)

Natural Productman’s (Link)

The scepticalchymist (Link)

Porco Research Group Blog (Boston University; Link)

Periodic Table videos from Nottingham University


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