Former Group Members

Dr. Jean-Jacques Youte Tendoung (Visiting Assistant Professor) 2012-13

Dr. Youte Tendoung created of a start-up company, in 2014, in France (Bordeaux region) StrainChem for custom synthesis


Jean-Jacques was born in Cameroon. In 1988, he moved to Lyon (France) to study medicine and Biochemistry at The University Claude Bernard, and received his Bachelor degree. He then moved to the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle of Paris to carry out his Ph.D studies, working under the direction of Francois Frappier and Christian Marazano on the Zincke reaction at room temperature and application towards Herveline C alkaloid. In January 2002, Jean-Jacques moved to FSU as Postdoctoral Fellow to work with Prof. Robert A. Holton on the synthesis of second and third generation of Taxol analogues. Then, he held positions at the Pharmaceutical school of Lyon, ICES (Singapore), Auckland Cancer Research Centre (New Zealand) and The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (Australia) working in Drug Discovery Groups as Senior Medicinal Chemist. In 2010, he moved in France as Project Leader and Manager of the Chemistry Department at Schering-Plough-Merck.


Dr. Gregory Boyce (Postdoctoral Fellow) 2013

Dr. Boyce is now Assistant Professor at  Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers link

Greg was born in Pittsburgh, but lived in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) predominantly.  He received an A.C.S.-certified Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at Emory University (Atlanta) where he conducted undergraduate research with Professor Craig Hill in the design and synthesis of polyoxometalates.

He then moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to conduct his Ph.D. work with Professor Jeffrey S. Johnson on silyl glyoxylate cascade reactions and the investigation of new types of asymmetric umpolung reagents. He began his career in academia as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Mercyhurst College (Erie, PA) then moved back to his hometown of Fort Lauderdale to investigate novel Memory of Chirality (MOC) cycloadditions with Dr. Stéphane Roche at Florida Atlantic University.


Dr. Bret Tréguier (Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-14)

Bret was born in 1982 in south of France (Tarbes) and studied fine chemistry at the University of Nantes, where he graduated. In 2011, he obtained his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry, at the faculty of pharmacy of Châtenay-Malabry, under the supervision of Dr. Mouâd Alami and Abdallah Hamzé. During his Ph.D., Bret focused on the synthesis and the biological evaluation of anticancer agents, derived from the combretastatin A-4.

Except organic chemistry, Bret has several passions as sports, cooking and music. Among many sports, he really enjoys playing rugby and skiing. Eating and sharing home-made recipes can also be considered as a hobby (somehow, he’s got the same “thrill” in a kitchen as in front of fumehood!)… He also likes fine humor, discover new movies, playing the guitar or listening music (Django Reinhardt, Georges Brassens or Keith Jarrett’s Köln concert). If I wasn’t a chemist, I would love to be an osteopath: a science where your hand is only your tool!

 Dr. Koushik Goswami (Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-14)

Dr. Goswami is currently a Lecturer at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur

KoushikKoushik was born and raised near Kamarpukur, West Bengal, India. He received his B.S. in chemistry from Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Residential College under Calcutta University and master degree in organic chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. He then moved to Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science to conduct his Ph.D. work with Dr. Surajit Sinha on nonnatural α-Amino synthesis from chiral oxazolidine. He is now working as a postdoctoral fellow in the Roche research Group  at FAU on the total synthesis of the complex alkaloid stephacidin A.


 Les Nénettes:

Emmanuelle Réaux and Camille Jacquet (Summer Students from France June-August 2012)

Emmanuelle, (nénette #1) comes from Nevers, in Burgundy (France). She did a two-year preparatory program of general chemistry for admission to French Engineering Schools in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Then, she integrated the National Graduate School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Clermont-Ferrand for a three-year program leading to a Master’s degree.

Emmanuelle likes most of all travelling and discovering other cultures and ways of life. She likes dancing, cooking, having fun with her friends and watching movies.

Camille (nénette #2) was born in the middle of France near Saint-Etienne. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biomolecular chemistry from Montpellier II University. Then she received a Master’s degree in Drug design from Lille II University. She has just got into the National Graduate School of Chemistry and chemical engineering of Clermont-Ferrand (ENSCCF-France) to prepare a graduate program in Chemistry. Camille likes cooking, horse riding and sharing time with her friends. She loves travelling and she loves discovering new architectures and landscape. She is very curious too!

Both nénettes came to FAU as part of their Master degree, for a three-month internship and worked respectively on a regiospecific Pictet-Spengler reaction (nénette #1) and a Biomimetic approach toward Liphagal (nénette #2).

  Marine Gosselin (Summer Students from France June-August 2013)


Marine worked on the synthesis of non-proteinogenic amino acids with Shyam Samanta and studied diffent functionalization such as allylation, Mannich and Friedel-Crafts addition to the alfa-stereocenter of unique amino esters. In her work, Marine examined in details the influenec of solvents on the functionalization step of the autocatalytic synthesis of Xaa.






Former Undergraduates:

Ms. Rhonda Penn (2 semesters 2011-12) ), present position: analytical laboratory (Fibertec Inc., Michigan)

Mr. Ronnie Knudsen (1 semester 2013)

Ms. Jennifer Johns(3 semesters 2012-13) has now a chemist position at GoodCat Laboratories (Florida). Jennie joined the Roche laboratory in Fall of 2012 and worked on a medicinal chemistry project: “synthesis and biological evaluation of 4-aza-podophyllotoxin analogues”.

Ms. Madison Flint (5 semesters 2013-14) is presently a graduate student in the Veige Research Group at the University of Florida with a 4 years graduate fellowship from the Department of Chemistry at UF. Madison elaborated a large portion of the first generation library of aza-podophyllotoxins.

Ms. Nathaly Ramos (2 semesters 2013-14) is presently preparing for Medical Schools


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