Assistant Professor Stephane Roche

Dr. Stéphane Roche’s biography

I am Dr. Stéphane P. Roche, born in a small medieval town (Thiers) in the green heart of France. I received my Ph.D. degree (2006) in chemistry from the Blaise Pascal University under the supervision of my great mentor Professor David. J. Aitken. During the three years of my Ph. D., I learned the fundamentals of basic science (laboratory techniques, rationalizing results, but most importantly problem solving) with confidence, curiosity and a lot of pleasure.

Subsequently, I joined the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES, @Star) in Singapore, as a research fellow with Professor K. C. Nicolaou (2006-2008). This experience, in a competitive laboratory dedicated to total synthesis, has given me new perspectives in project management and self-efficiency while adjusting and prioritizing fundamental research to ultimately reach the project objectives within deadlines.

Tanja and Mathis

Late 2008, I decided to come to the U.S. to join my muse Tanja, the mother of my two children Mathis and Mila. After visiting Boston and several research groups, I was tremendously fortunate to meet Professor John. A. Porco Jr at Boston University, and join his research group. Soon after our first encounter at a café in front of Boston University, Professor Porco became a second mentor to me, shearing his thoughts about biomimetic synthesis and unlimited creativity and innovation in chemistry. He also trained me for translational and collaborative research as well as leadership.

The knowledge I acquired during my postdoctoral career has led to an avenue of research that I want to pursue as a scientist. It is my goal to pass on my passion and knowledge of biomimetic chemical synthesis to my students as an assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). At the same time, I wish my group to pursue translational research with biologists to demonstrate the value of synthetic chemistry in answering biological questions related to rare or complex diseases while combating drug resistance. My long term career goal will target continuing innovative chemistry, oriented toward the synthesis of complex bioactive agents to access chemoprevention for diseases.


2006 Ph.D. Chemistry, University Blaise Pascal, Professor David J. Aitken, advisor.

2002 M.S. Chemistry, University Blaise Pascal, Professor David J. Aitken, advisor.

Professional Experience:

2011-Present Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University

2009-2011 Research Associate, Boston University; Professor John A. Porco Jr., advisor (U.S.).

2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, University Blaise Pascal; Dr. Arnaud Gautier (CNRS), advisor (France).

2006-2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES, @-STAR); Professor K. C. Nicolaou & David Y-K. Chen, advisors (Singapore).

2002-2006 Graduate Student, University Blaise Pascal; Professor David J. Aitken, advisor (France).

2004 Graduate Student, University of Bath; Professor David J. Aitken & Steven D. Bull, advisors (U.K.).

Honors and Awards:

2006 Postdoctoral Fellowship (Région Auvergne)

Invited Lectures:

2. coming soon

1. UK-Singapore Symposium “Synthetic Chemistry Activities and Perspectives at Chemical Synthesis Laboratory” (Singapore, February 2008)

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