Dr. Roche will be conducting research at Florida Atlantic University starting in August 2011.

My research interests include the development of new ‘bio-inspired’ asymmetric methodologies and dearomatization strategies and their application to concise total syntheses of biologically active natural products.

One challenge of modern synthetic chemistry iResearch Interests: developing catalytic, enantioselective and more chemoselective methodologies while considering biomimetic inspirations. Our research program will focus on establishing new methodologies using C-H bond functionalization and organocatalysis to catalytically produce enantioenriched building blocks which will be directly used in total syntheses of complex targets. These total synthesis campaigns will gravitate around the development of innovative and enantioselective methodologies using designed catalysts and redox strategies as tools for the discovery of novel transformations and preparation of non-proteinogenic amino acids: A Renaissance in Chirality and Peptide Synthesis.

In this respect, my research interests lie on methodologies that may produce chiral non-racemic building blocks with several stereocenters and applicability in large scale and possibly useful for the pharmaceutical industry. This research should provide opportunities for graduate students to develop skills in both catalysis and total synthesis although using inexpensive starting materials to produce non-proteinogenic α-amino acids, peptides and alkaloids of high value.

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