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Check out the target natural products and the diseases of interest for our research group in the links below !!

Our program is focused on the discovery of new practical synthetic methodologies with broad substrate scope, chemo- and stereoselectivity to access novel medicinally relevant and intricate architectures. We seek to accomplish the most efficient construction of molecules, through the design and implementation of innovative chemical strategies inspired by some intriguing biosynthetic pathways (biomimetic transformations). The focus of our research encompasses two major foci: revisiting underexploited synthetic methods and developing new ones targeting the discovery of catalytic processes which are ultimately applied in total synthesis of natural products and biologically active small molecules. This provides us the ability to readily synthesize analogues to understand the important structural features responsible for a phenotypic response in a given biological assay. Terpenes, Non-proteinogenic a-amino acids and non-ribosomal peptides are the main classes of compounds that constitute the platform for our working hypotheses and research.


Our Research

Research Targets
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